An allergist is a medical care provider who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, asthma, and other related conditions. Allergists are sometimes referred to as an Allergy Specialist or Immunologist. 

As such, they are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of allergic reactions, from mild skin rashes to life-threatening respiratory distress. An allergist will typically use skin tests and/or laboratory tests to pinpoint the cause of a patient’s allergy symptoms before offering personalized treatments which may include medications, immunotherapy (allergy shots), lifestyle changes, or environmental control measures. Regular visits with an allergist can help patients manage their allergies more effectively and reduce the severity of their symptoms over time.  It is important for those with allergies to visit an allergist and keep up their regular follow-up visits in order to stay on top of their condition. 

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An allergist can provide invaluable information about how to best protect yourself from allergy triggers, as well as the most effective treatments available for your particular allergy. With proper medical guidance, you can reduce the risk of complications from allergies, and live life with fewer symptoms and a better quality of life.  Don’t let allergies stop you from living your life – talk to an allergist today!


CoStar Health offers several Board Certified Allergists. Please visit your Primary Care Physician for a referral for an Allergy Specialist Physician.